COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – Colin James Magill went before Honorable Judge Sheryl B. Jolly in Columbia County Superior Court for sentencing Wednesday.

Magill was charged with Possession of Schedule II Drugs with Intent to Distribute after an investigation into the death by overdose Alex King.

Magill, who lived in Grovetown, was arrested February 4th, 2022, following the investigation into the death of King, who lived in Martinez.

King died July 19th, 2020, from an overdose after taking fentanyl laced pills.

 At the time of the arrest, District Attorney Bobby Christine, held a press conference announcing that an indictment had been issued for Magill, who’s accused of selling King the pills that led to his overdose.

Colin James Magill

We are making clear, you peddle illicit narcotics in our community and a death result, if we can develop appropriate facts, we will pursue you and charge you with murder.

Columbia County DA, Bobby Christine

Throughout the process, King’s stepfather, Bryan Lugo, said his family has been calling on the community to send a message to the DA to continue to pursue felony murder charges instead of letting Magill accept a plea deal.

The original charge, for Felony Murder, carries a statutory sentence of life in prison – Lugo says this is the sentence he and his family were promised, and it is the one they wanted.

Despite this, King`s step-father Bryan Lugo tells WJBF that Magill was allowed to plead guilty to a much-lesser charge: Distribution of Schedule II Drug.

Lugo spoke on the stand as part of the “Victim’s Impact Statement” for more than 20 minutes.

Judge Jolly sentenced Magill to 5 years in jail and 20 years probation.

This article has been corrected to say Colin Magill was sentenced to 5 years in jail and 20 years probation. Not sentenced to 25 years.