Columbia County man charged with the murder of a child

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New information in the death of a one-year-old in Columbia County.

Charles Sconyers is charged with the murder of Lincoln Davitte. Investigators say Sconyers told them he found the child face down on the patio, after letting him play outside. 

Investigators told NewsChannel 6 reporter, Devin Johnson, that’s not what happened.

Major Steve Morris with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office says Sconyers picked up Lincoln from daycare on May 1st and took the boy to his mother’s house.

That’s when Morris says, Sconyers’ story stops adding up.

“He went back to her residence, allowed the child to go outside to play,” said Morris. “Heard a scream, went outside and found the child laying faced down on the patio.”

That’s the story Charles Sconyers gave Columbia County deputies.  

He says he went outside to find out what was wrong with one-year-old Lincoln, but investigators say that’s not true.

“He took the child inside to render first aid not necessarily in that order, then 911 was called,” explained Morris. “However, our investigation reveals something quite different.”

Although Major Morris won’t say exactly what Sconyers is accused of doing, this warrant shows investigators believe Sconyers caused significant injury to the head and brain of the child, causing him to die.

One neighbor told Devin he is shocked by the news that Sconyers, who is a firefighter with the Augusta Fire Department is charged with murder.

“To find out someone is hitting a one-year-old in the head, that guy deserves to behind bars if that’s what exactly what happened,” said Taylor Synder.

Snyder told Devin he heard what happened from one of his friends.

“Later on I found out some incident happened with a little kid,” explained Synder. “Hit his head or something.”

He says he and his family are still processing the terrible incident.

“It’s pretty messed up man, said Synder. “There are some sick people out there, and you never think it will be right across the street from me.”

There are still very few details being given out on exactly how Lincoln Davitte died.

NewsChannel 6 talked to Columbia County Coroner Vernon Collins, he says the autopsy is not complete yet.

Charles Sconyers remains in the Columbia County Jail. There is still no word yet on when he’ll go before a judge.

He has been placed on administrative leave from the Augusta Fire Department without pay.

The fire department stated, “The allegations against Charles Sconyers are not indicative of the quality of personnel or services provided by the Augusta Fire Department. The Augusta Fire Department affirms its unwavering commitment to the safety of the community and its citizens.”

Photojournalist: Gary Hipps

Original article below:

A Columbia County man is facing charges in the death of a child.

Charles Sconyers has been charged with Murder in the death of a 2-year-old.

Investigators say Sconyers picked up his girlfriend’s 2-year-old son from a daycare center on May 1st. 

He then reportedly went back to his girlfriend’s house where he allowed the child to go outside to play.

Sconyers reported hearing a scream and found the child lying face down on a patio and tried to help him until EMT’s arrived.

However, the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office investigation revealed something very different.

The CCSO is not releasing specific details to include cause and manner of death at this time.

Count on NewsChannel 6 for more details when they’re available.

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