BURKE COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – On August 28th, at 9:33am, deputies with the Burke County Sheriff’s Office responded to Burke Middle School in reference to a possible bomb threat and shooter. 

Upon arrival, deputies met with school staff and began preparing children and faculty to move from the Middle School to the High School Gymnasium, so authorities could search the school.

Burke County Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team members also responded to the school to secure the outer area wood line and perimeter, so that the children could be moved without any outside threats.

Richmond County Sheriff’s Office K9 Regional Task Force also responded to the school for the search.

While the search was being conducted, Burke County Sheriff’s Office Investigators began running down leads associated with the caller. 

Investigators were able to determine that the caller was using an app-generated phone service.

They also found this was not the first time it was used in the United States. 

Investigators along with Federal partners were able to determine the call was being made from an area in Europe and was associated with “Swatting” calls that have been occurring in the United States lately. 

Investigators also learned that another bomb threat was conducted in Illinois using the app-generated features that same morning. 

Officials say there is no immediate threat to any Burke County School and appropriate measures were taken to make sure all students and faculty were safe during the ordeal.