Augusta death investigated, victim kept in room with no windows or bed

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The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a suspicious death involving a man kept in questionable conditions.

28-year-old Antoin Hawes was found dead by his sibling on Sunday morning at their home on Kissingbower Road.

Upon arrival, investigators found that Hawes was kept in a bedroom with no furniture, no lights, no air conditioning and boarded up windows. There was also reportedly a bucket filled with urine and feces.

He reportedly slept on two couch cushions covered in trash bags on the floor.

Investigators also noted an amount of blood on the door to the room.

Hawes lived at the home with his parents and two siblings.

His family claimed he was kept in the room due to his medical condition.

His father, 50-year-old Antoin Hawes Sr., told investigators that his son was diagnosed with Autism and hyperactive disorder. He told investigators they would lock him in the room when he ‘became too much to handle’.

He then told investigators that he and his other son woke up around 9 a.m. and noticed that Antoin Jr. was not moving. They then reportedly moved him into the living room with the intent to take him to the hospital. They then allegedly went back to sleep instead. When they awoke again just before Noon, they called 911 for help.

His brother stated that he assumed he was asleep as he was ‘a deep sleeper’.

Hawes Sr. and 48-year-old Stephanie Jones Hawes are in jail today facing charges of Neglect to a Disabled Adult.

Hawes body has been taken to the GBI Lab for an autopsy.

The investigation is ongoing.

Ashley Osborne reporting

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