AUGUSTA (WJBF) – Two daycare owners who where jailed after abuse and cruelty complaints from parents are back behind bars.

Rakimma Hadilyah Galloway and Jada Galloway were arrested on July 3, 2023 on four counts of First Degree Cruelty to Children.

According to an incident report, the most recent victim’s mother saw the suspects on TV and asked her children, who attended the daycare at that time, if anything “bad” ever happened. The boys told their mother that they were hit while in the Galloway’s care.

On September 12th, the victims’ mom contacted the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office about the allegations. The children told a deputy that the suspects hit one of them in the back of the head multiple times and punched a 1-year-old in the stomach.

The children said they didn’t tell anyone because they were afraid.

Rakimma Hadilyah Galloway and Jada Galloway are charged with 3 counts of Cruelty to Children.