GROVETOWN, Ga. (WJBF) – Several arrests have been made after several incidents including a shooting in Grovetown.

According to the Grovetown Police Department, officers responded to the AM/PM Gas Station on Harlem-Grovetown Road on Friday, March 3rd around 10:30 P.M. in regards to individuals reportedly being in the parking lot with handguns and riles pointed at another vehicle.

According to the security footage, investigators identified Monica Davis, 18, and Aleisha Murray, 17, both of VFW Road as suspects.

Investigators say that both Davis and Murray were previously the victims of a shooting incident that occurred on February 15th near VFW Road.

According to authorities, Keith Campbell, 18, of Augusta, was identified as the validated gang member of “Extort Anybody,” also known as “EA,” in the VFW Road Case, and investigators say Campbell traveled to Grovetown to settle a dispute between himself, Davis, and Murray.

Keith Campbell
Keith Campbell (Source: Columbia County Detention Center)

Authorities say Campbell fired multiple rounds at Davis, Murray, Jalon Rivers, 17, of Grovetown, and Larry Garner, 20, of Grovetown.

Investigators say that after further investigation, the case determined that Murray, Davis, and Rivers routinely participate in gang-related activities throughout the River Region area conducted by “Sex, Money, Murda,” also known as “SMM,” which is a nationally-recognized criminal street gang.

Authorities say that since the VFW Road shooting, several incidents have happened within and around Grovetown involving retaliation between “EA” and “SMM” associates, which culminated in the incident at the AM/PM on March 3rd.

According to police, Davis, Murray, Rivers, Daquan George, 20, and an unknown male, were seen arriving in the parking lot at which they appeared to be lying in wait, and then, a short time later, a vehicle arrives in the parking lot, and Lazarus Williams, 18, who was the passenger, exits the vehicle and enters the store.

Authorities say Williams comes out of the store, where he is confronted by Davis, Rivers, Murray, George, and the unknown male, who are now brandishing multiple firearms, including an AR-15 and a handgun with an extended magazine.

According to the surveillance video, multiple individuals can be seen flashing gang signs as Williams, who investigators say is a validated member of “EA,” gets back inside his vehicle attempting to leave.

Investigators say Rivers attempted to shoot from the handgun at Williams, but it appeared to have malfunctioned, and then, both vehicles can be seen leaving the parking lot.

According to the Grovetown Police Department, officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle at the intersection of Katherine Street and Wrightsboro Road for Failure to Dim Headlights and No Taillights on Tuesday, March 7th at around 9:30 P.M.

As they approached the vehicle, officers say they discovered four individuals in the backseat as well as a marijuana odor coming from the vehicle, and one of the individuals, later identified as Rivers, admitted to attempting to conceal the marijuana in his pants.

Officers say that Davis, Murray, George, Jaden Williams, 17, and Chase Teasley, 21, were also in the vehicle.

According to authorities, each person that was in the vehicle was asked to exit the vehicle, and that is where officers discovered an AR-15 style pistol, an AK-47 style pistol, and a handgun with an extended magazine inside of the vehicle.

Authorities say that all the occupants in the vehicle were transported to the Grovetown Police Department, and after being interviewed, they each admitted to their roles in the AM/PM incident and gave partial admissions to their involvement in the ongoing dispute between the two gang affiliations.

According to the Grovetown Police Department, all of the individuals in the vehicle were charged with Unlawful Criminal Street Gang Activity, Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute, and Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Crime.

In addition to those charges, in regards to the AM/PM incident, authorities say Murray, Davis, Rivers, and George were charged with 3 counts of Terroristic Threats and Acts and 3 counts of Aggravated Assault.

Police say all individuals involved were transported and committed to the Columbia County Detention Center.