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Two Allendale prison guards arrested for taking bribes

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - Two correctional officers are in jail, accused of misconduct and accepting bribes. 

Joshua Glover was arrested after trying to introduce contraband into the Lieber Correctional Institution. 

There are no details on what type of bribe Kenetta  Holloway took. 

Glover was taken into custody on Friday and Holloway was arrested today. 


Authorities say a South Carolina prison guard has been arrested after he took $1,246 in bribes from an inmate.
The Corrections Department says Joshua Cave was charged Tuesday with accepting a bribe and misconduct in office.
Arrest warrants say inmate Levi Bing Jr. paid Cave the bribes from September through December while they were at the Allendale Correctional Institution.
The warrants did not specify what Cave did for Bing to get the money.
Bing is serving 40-year prison sentence for the killing of a man trying to sell a car in Orangeburg County in November 2003.
Another prison guard was arrested Monday after authorities say he sold marijuana and tobacco to inmates at a different state prison.

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