ALLENDALE, SC (WJBF) – Agents from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division charged 43-year-old Dwayne Loadholt with Animal Fighting or Baiting and Ill Treatment of Animals.

According to warrants obtained from SLED, a pitbull with scarring on the face, ears and legs was found on Loadholt’s property. A search warrant was obtained and inside the home were injectable antibiotics and several pedigrees for the bloodlines of dogs.

Several complaints were previously made about lack of shelter and water for the dogs. According to the warrants, Loadholt knowingly deprived pit bull type dogs of sustenance and shelter. Dogs on the property were found with eye infections, oozing wounds and scarring to their faces and bodies. The dogs were chained to the ground and were deprived of water due to the short length of the chain.

SLED was requested to investigate by the Allendale County Sheriff’s Office.

Loadholt was booked at the Allendale County Detention Center. The case will be prosecuted by the 14th Circuit Solicitor’s Office.