A Georgia correctional officer is behind bars for allegedly harming his step-son

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EVANS, Ga (WJBF) – A Georgia corrections officer was arrested for first-degree child cruelty on Thanksgiving night in Evans.

According to an incident report, he beat his 13-year-old stepson for playing on his tablet.

Robert McCoy II kicked the young teen out of the house after dark and told him to keep walking and not return.

The boy walked over 2.5 miles in bare feet, T-shirt, and shorts in 50-degree weather, hiding in some bushes outside a Circle K store until it got too cold. He then went inside the gas station, where a clerk gave him a jacket and called the sheriff’s office.

The boy said his stepfather caught him with his tablet and became very upset.

“He threw his cell phone at the boy’s face, hitting him in the mouth, and leaving a cut on his upper lip,” a sheriff’s report says. “Robert then threw the tablet at his face, causing a large knot on his forehead. Robert then began punching him in random places on his body, and forcefully poking him in the face with his pointer finger while he was lying on his bed. Robert then told him to leave the house, start walking and not stop anywhere or come back to the house.”

The child’s mother was not at home at the time.

McCoy works for the Georgia Department of Corrections at the Augusta Transitional Center, the sheriff’s report says. Deputies say the suspect seemed “unconcerned” about the boy’s well-being and never expressed remorse after being told about the victim’s injuries, which included a busted lip and large knot on his forehead.

The report also says McCoy attempted to make a joke with the arresting officer concerning a song on the radio.

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