4 Teens arrested in Jefferson County High School fight

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4 teens behind bars in Jefferson County, after what the Sheriff’s Office calls a big fight at Jefferson County High School.

We spoke to some parents whose kids were involved in that fight.They say they’re angry because they weren’t notified about the incident. We also talked to the superintendent and got her response.

“My son, right here on the table…getting jumped,” says Latisha Holiday, mother of one of the students arrested. 

This fight between students at Jefferson County High School happened Thursday morning. A 911 call was made dispatching deputies to the high school, where they seperated the people involved. One mother says she is furious because she was told her son was arrested via social media.

“I just got home from work and I get a message on Facebook saying ‘Tisha, you home or you at work?’ I said ‘I just got home, why what’s up’. She said ‘I think you need to go to the school because Coby was in a big fight’.”

Her son, along with three other students, were arrested and taken to the Jefferson County Jail. Jefferson County Superintendent, Molly Howard says the school was placed on a soft lockdown for about 45 minutes. 

“Safety of all of our students is our primary responsibility and our obligation that we accept freely.” 

She says the students involved will not be allowed back on campus, and will have to go through disciplinary tribunals and look for alternative schooling. 

“Any act of aggresion and violence that would happen in any public place, much less a school, is very very disheartening. It’s something that we are working with all types of interventions to try to address.”

Latisha Holiday says she will seek legal help to settle this issue because this is something she knows will hurt her son in the long run.

“Cause I’m going to protect my child, with every last one of them. When they in the right, they’re in the right and when they’re in the wrong, they’re in the wrong. But I just seen with my own eyes that my child was on the table getting beat up.”

We did reach out to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, they told us the students could be facing disorderly conduct charges, but they’re still being processed.

We’ll keep tabs on this investigation and let you know of any new developments.

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