AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The Georgia Bureau of Investigation arrested and charged Richmond County Sheriff’s Office deputies Quincy Cannon, Andrew Acosta and Robert Wilson on Thursday after the GBI said an investigation revealed they physically assaulted a suspect from a police-involved shooting after he was detained.

The incident allegedly happened on November 10th, when Richmond County Sheriff’s Office and the Richmond County SWAT team were called to a home on Bungalow Road.

Vernon Cratic Jr. allegedly barricaded himself inside the home, then shot a deputy who was later treated for his injuries.

Cratic allegedly continued to shoot at officers after this, but deputies were able to take him into custody a couple hours after their arrival.

The Sheriff’s Office asked the GBI to investigate after Cratic told agents he was assaulted by deputies after being detained.

The GBI found that Cratic was slammed against the exterior wall of the Sheriff’s Office while handcuffed and struck in the face and stomach while handcuffed in the elevator.

This is one of the 911 calls that night from a person who claimed to be at the home when Cratic showed up:

Caller: “I’m just calling because I was there when he came in the house with the gun.”

911 Dispatch: “He came, did he point it on her though?”

Caller: “He got the gun in the house with her. And she’s the only one here.”

911 Dispatch: “Okay were they arguing or anything ma’am?”

Caller: “Yes. He just came in the house, threatened her, and stuff like that, and she had company and they just jumped up and left.”

911 Dispatch: “Okay.”

Caller: “And I’m leaving too.”

911 Dispatch: “Where is the suspect now?”

Caller: “They in the house, he in the house with her.”

Deputy Quincy Cannon is charged with Battery and Violation of Oath of Office.

Deputy Andrew Acosta is charged with Simple Battery and Violation of Oath of Office.

Deputy Robert Wilson is charged with Violation of Oath of Office.

 A Sheriff’s Office spokesperson said they have been placed on Administrative Leave during the investigation.

NewsChannel 6 reached out to the Sheriff’s Office and GBI for comment, but nobody was available to speak.