Louis & Sandra Cochran | Aiken County couple’s murder still unsolved

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AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) – 74-year-old Louis Cochran and his wife, 70-year-old Sandra Cochran, were shot and killed in their home in Jackson, 72 hours before being found by police on December 8th, 2015.

Their killer or killers are still at large, but the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office remains confident it will catch the person behind this heinous crime.

“We have two folks that were retired. They were going about their lives and enjoying life. And here it is that someone has disrupted their life and took their lives from them, needlessly,” Captain Eric Abdullah said.

The sheriff’s office still doesn’t know who killed the Cochrans.

“More than likely it’s someone who is from this area. I can’t speculate on if they knew them or not. We don’t think this was a random event that occurred,” Abdullah said.

Investigators believe the person or people involved chose the Cochrans’ home to break into it and steal from the couple.

Three days after the crime, deputies found a trail of blood and the bodies of Louis, Sandra and their dog.

Investigators haven’t released much more information though.

“It’s not something we’re trying to guard as a close secret, but in order to increase our viability of being successful, we’re not releasing a whole lot of details about the investigation,” Abdullah said.

The sheriff’s office has spent hundreds of hours looking through documents and financial records for a motive and a suspect.

Abdullah says the case is still active and there are still leads and evidence to follow up on.

“I wish investigations could go a lot quicker. In some cases, it can be that way. But in a case like this where there’s very little information that comes in… because we rely heavily on our community,” Abdullah said.

The community’s help is still needed.

“Anybody that has that one piece of information that they may think is insignificant could greatly turn the tables on this investigation,” Abdullah said.

You’ll remember the Cochran family had six horses. Five of them have found homes and one is still at a local rescue.

If you have any information about these murders, please call the anonymous tip line at 803-507-1437, or CrimeStoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.

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