Crews clearing trees, making way for Ft. Gordon Gate 6

Ft. Gordon (WJBF)—Crews are clearing the way for another entrance and exit at Augusta’s largest employer.

Soon, Ft. Gordon will have a Gate 6. This new gate will be on Gordon Highway on the Grovetown side of the post.

On Tuesday, NewsChannel 6 found out how this will help traffic flow—for those of you who work at Ft. Gordon and for those of you who simply drive in the area.

Dr. Tom Clark with the Alliance for Fort Gordon explains how Gate 6 will take some of the burden off of Gates 1 and 5.

“It will give you a direct entrance into that west side of post—where the army cyber headquarters will go,” says Dr. Clark. “Overtime, more and more population has migrated to there.”

Dr. Clark once held the highest enlisted rank at Ft. Gordon. Now that he is retired Army, he works for the Alliance for Fort Gordon. The mission of the Alliance is to “promote, coordinate and advocate for the Fort Gordon cyber district to stimulate investment in cyber growth and capitalize on opportunities for the benefit of all.” (website)

The gate itself is a Federal project. Gate 6 will have 6 lanes and Dr. Clark says it will set the stage for this kind of installment.

“It will have a world-class vehicle inspection center,” Dr. Clark describes. “It’ll be able to accept large vehicles through that gate. It will be the standard in the Department of Defense.”

The construction plan also comes with a state component. The Georgia Department of Transportation will widen 2.4 miles of Gordon Highway. This stretch of Gordon Highway is now 2 lanes. GDOT will expand the road to 4 lanes starting near the intersection of Robinson Avenue, which is near Gate 2. This project will happen in phases and is set to be completed sometime around December of 2020.

The state will keep chugging along with their portion, but the Federal side relies on Congress to pass the budget avoiding a government shutdown.

“They were going to do a groundbreaking, actually in March, but because of the continuing resolution, the installation might have to delay that,” Dr. Clark points out.

Dr. Clark says Gate 6 is one of 41 different projects in the works at Ft. Gordon. The future for all of them is dependent on a congressional budget vote.

The tentative date for the opening of Gate 6 is April 2020. However, again, this date is contingent on congress’ ability to pass the budget in Washington D.C.

As with any kind of road construction, Dr. Clark points out it will get worse before it gets better. You will start seeing orange traffic cones soon and the construction is bound to cause some slow down. Dr. Clark asks for your patience and says the long run benefit will be worth it.

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