Credit card policy to go before commissioners


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Now Augusta officials will not have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to a credit card policy. The Georgia Association of County Commissioners have a model ordinance for The City to follow.

Augusta commissioners are saying the time has come to have a policy for the use of city credit cards.

“Having a policy to simplify, justify, tell you what’s needed when you use your card and tell you different situations you can use it, it would be easier and simple,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

With charges by Mayor Hardie Davis raising a few eyebrows and concern about the lack of accountability, commissioners were told last week The City has no credit card policy, and even though it’s been state law since 2016, commissioners say they were never informed.

“When these things come about, I think it’s up to The City Attorney and the Administrator to share this information with the commission so we can act on it then not let it go down the road and get off the trail,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

The guidelines call for a Credit Card Administrator to manage card usage.

The guidelines would require receipts and documentation of charges, and these would be public record.

And charges would be reviewed and audited.

“Everybody knew there were the state guidelines out there and we haven’t taken action to put a policy around it you know, not only protect taxpayer monies that are being spent, but also to protect the county from anything from the state level that could be held against us,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

“Absolutely. We’re going to put that into effect, absolutely we got to ring this in,” said Clarke.

Now the model ordinance does have punishments for violations starts with a warning it could go to suspension or revocation of the card even have elected officials pay back any unauthorized charges.

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