Coyotes create problems at Daniel Field and city golf course


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Coyotes have recently made a home at the Augusta Municipal golf course.

When Joshua Dent visits Augusta he plays golf at the Patch, and he’s seen them.

“Yes I have. They were over there on 15, 14. They have babies too. They’re cute but I don’t want to go near them”, said Dent who lives in Tampa.

But you can get pretty close to coyotes now at the Augusta Golf Course. We spotted one on the 9th hole, not far from the clubhouse.

“It’s something new to this city. We’ve never had a problem with coyotes before. They’re in the process right now, how we’re going to trap them or what course of action we’re going to take next,” said General Manager Ira Miller.

It’s believed they’re are slipping under the fence and going from the golf course to Daniel Field Airport, stopping to rest on the runway creating potential hazards for pilots.

“Safety is our number one concern and again runway incursions with wildlife. We have to do our due diligence to prevent it,” said Becky Shealy a manager at Daniel Field

The Daniel Field officials say they were told it would cost $3200 a month to try and trap the coyotes, with no guarantee of success,

So after contacting the Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Natural Resources, the Daniel Field board voted to bring in hunters and shoot the coyotes.

“We have been given permission to exterminate them on our own so we’ve got some people lined up that will come out here early in the morning and late at night. We’ve got a certain area that’s been approved for us to take them out,” said Shealy.

That would get rid of the golf courses problem as well, but some do not want to see the coyotes shot.

“Put them someplace else or just tell the golfers not to go near them because this is their home too,” said Dent.

Daniel Field officials say FAA grant money could be at risk if the coyote problem continues, adding that even if the animals were trapped they would be euthanized and not relocated.

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