AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Isaac and Dorothy Jackson are celebrating a major milestone: their 75th wedding anniversary.

For the both of them, their relationship appeared to be love at first sight.

“I stood and looked at him because I had never seen a man that looked like him before. He was just a different boy than what I knew,” Dorothy Jackson says.

However, their love story interacts with Mother Nature. In 1940, Augusta was unexpectedly flooded placing 50 city blocks underwater.

After the flood, Isaac and Dorothy re-connected at Haines Institute, which is now Lucy C. Laney High School, and through it all, they remained on each other’s hearts and minds.

“I thought she was ahead of her time at that age. […] Her attitude and her self-control were amazing, and that made me think more of her at that particular time,” says Isaac Jackson.

Their love story was the inspiration behind the book “Our Love Story: How We Met, How We Live,” and now that romantic tale is making its theatrical debut.

The stage production will be opening at the Jessye Norman School of the Arts and is directed by Kiara Iman, who just recently co-starred in the Peacock Original film “Praise This,” and she says putting on the director’s hat for this production is important to her.

“It features history that we’re not gonna get naturally in a textbook, and it’s great to see our community have such powerful stories,” says Kiara Iman.

“Our Love Story” will feature dance, poetry, and original music from Augusta’s young African-American performers, which is one of the main reasons this production is a must-see.

“We have a lot of talent artists within this play, and this further joins and connects the artistic community in Augusta, Georgia,” says Djibril Djigal, one of the actors in the “Our Love Story” stageplay.

And as these budding performers prepare for opening night, the Jacksons hope that audiences receive this important message from their love story.

“What God puts together, no man takes asunder,” Dorothy Jackson says. “I feel like when you marry that person, you tell that person you love that person. That means you are together, and you stay together.”

“Our Love Story” hits the Jessye Norman School of the Arts stage Saturday, September 9th and Sunday, September 10th.

Unfortunately, tickets are sold out for both shows, but the production team says they hope to take this show on the road.