Could Marshall Square have been Saved with Different Construction Material?

Many buildings are built with a wood framing, including the Marshall Square Resort Community, which was home to 89 residents.

We know wood can be used to start fires, so we wanted to know why it’s such a common building material, even more common than steel.

“I would say most people today are continuing to use wood simply because of the affordability of it,” Richard Johnson with Augusta Remodeling Construction said.

Richard Johnson with Augusta Remodeling Construction says wood is Inexpensive and more efficient. Steel cost 15 to 18 percent more than wood.

He says a construction company has to keep in mind that not all workers are familiar with building with steel.

“You’re framing crews today are not as experienced at framing with metal verses wood and that’s a big problem we have nationwide,” Johnson said.

We asked Johnson if steel or metal is safer and he says they both have their pros and cons. He says steel and wood react to heat differently, but they both react.

Steel bends inward and can collapse, whereas fire will spread quicker with wood.

We also asked if Marshall Square was built with steel could the outcome have been different? He says probably not.

“It’s more of the components that’s attached to those studs whether they’re metal or wood is where your heat and your major destruction comes from,” Johnson explained.

Steve Mueller, the COO of Resort Lifestyle community says he loves Evans, GA and wants to rebuild Marshall Square as soon as possible.

 “I can say from the stand point of lifestyle and from the standpoint of how we treat our residents and our staff it’ll be the same as we left it,” Mueller said.

The COO also said that his thoughts and prayers are with the Carpenter family, whose loved one died in the fire.

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