Cost a concern for moving Confederate memorial


AUGUTSA, Ga. (WJBF) – The mayor’s task force called for the renaming of Gordon Highway, Jefferson Davis Highway and Calhoun Expressway but the big one was relocating the Confederate Memorial. For some commissioners it’s not going to be a question of right or wrong but rather dollars and cents.

The ball is now in the commissions court when it comes to the mayor’s task force recommendations, especially the hot issues of relocating the Confederate memorial off Broad Street.

“It’s going to be a huge cost and I don’t know exactly what that cost is going to be but it ain’t going to be cheap,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight.

“We’re always concerned about costs and here we’re going to spend a large amount of money in removing that monument and putting it up,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

The cost of moving the monument hasn’t been priced but we’ve heard estimates from $3million to $1 million or less, but there’s nothing in the budget now to cover any cost.

“It would be more beneficial to improve our infrastructure in my opinion than moving the monument,” said Commissioner Williams.

“We’ve got other issues that are more pressing now it not the time we got COVID we got homeless there’s a list of things,” said Commissioner McKnight.

Some commissioners support relocation believing a monument to the confederacy doesn’t belong on Augusta’s main street but they’re not in favor of moving it at any price.

Because if we don’t have a funding source to remove the monument we may have to wait because I would not support using General Fund to bring down the monument,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson.

Now the task force recommendations came out almost 11 months ago Mayor Hardie Davis who put this group together says its been so long he wants to re-read the recommendations before the commission takes up the issue on Tuesday.

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