Coronavirus concerns in Churches


AUGUSTA,Ga. (WJBF)- Some churches are changing the way they do things as precaution to protect their congregation.

For churchgoers – Sunday is considered as the Lord’s day. Where many gather together to praise and worship, but in a time where uncertainty is spreading faster than a virus; Inez Oakman says she’s not taking any chances.

“It’s a possibility that anyone can come in contact with individuals that have not been tested positive. In order to keep myself safe and my family safe we decided that instead of hugging people and shaking hands we were going to fist bump or elbow pump.”

What is happening with the coronavirus is a topic that has impacted the younger generation, reminding us that they are always paying attention.

jayla dumbar/youth member:
“earlier this week a person died.. i think they were like 50 or 60. they died at a nursing home and now those people are getting tested for the coronavirus. i think that he should really care that we are dying from the coronavirus,”” says Jayla Dumbar a youth member of the Grace Street church.

Other members of the Church of Christ on Grace Street say they aren’t panicking yet, but they are asking people to be mindful of the possibilities.

“With the fear and all that’s going around we definitely should listen to our health care practitioners to follow the instructions from our physicians. Also were blessed with wisdom and knowledge so we should equipped ourselves with good information,” says Glenn Stubblefield Jr.

Medical College of Georgia infectious disease Dr. Jose Vazquez says the next couple of warm months could work in our favor.

“Instead of having clusters, we kinda go outside and it is much safer to be outside like that and the transmission is different if you’re far away. Most of the time influenza is gone by April or May. The coronavirus probably should be the same thing but we don’t know because it’s the first year.”

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