Construction update for Berckmans Road project


A plan to change Berckman’s Rd has drivers frustrated for now, but hopeful for the future.

It seems like every time you drive by the construction at Berkmans near Ingleside Drive, the project is getting bigger and bigger. Many of you have a general idea of the plan, but still have questions about the specifics so NewsChannel 6’s Ashley Osborne got you some answers.

New bridge under construction over Raes Creek

Right now, crews are constructing a new bridge to go over Raes Creek. They will finish one lane and then allow cars to use it while they complete the other lane of the bridge. Meanwhile, traffic can only flow one way at a time, which is causing a delay for drivers.

“Ugh! horrible!” That’s how Mike Williams describes the construction and many other drivers share in his pain.

Glen Cannon is optimistic about the progress. “I think they’re doing a good job managing it. It’s certainly going to be nice when it’s done,” Cannon says.

The goal is to have the new bridge over Raes Creek finished by March 2020, just in time for The Masters. Construction will take a brief pause during that week in April, then pick back up again once the Masters is finished.

For the next phase, crews will put a roundabout at the intersection of Berckman’s and Ingleside Dr.

Future roundabout at Berckans Rd. & Ingleside Dr.

“Oh wow that would be great!” Cannon said about the plan. “Anything where you can eliminate a 4 way stop or a traffic light is key.”

They will also widen Berkmans to include a center turn lane all the way to Wheeler Rd. like there is near Washington Rd.

Williams looks forward to the final product. “I’m hoping, I’m hoping traffic will go a little bit faster, a little bit smoother. Everybody will get where they need to go.”

Inn the meantime, while construction is still going on, Cannon has this advice to help you keep your cool.

“Just plan ahead. Just plan your commute and don’t be in a rush because you’re going to have to deal with the traffic and you’re going to have to deal with the construction,” Cannon says.

Nearby, there is a new roundabout at Wheeler and Aumond Roads. Augusta’s Traffic and Engineering Department tells NewsChannel 6 there have been no accidents at that intersection since the new roundabout went live and usually they have a few each year. The new traffic pattern has also improved flow at the intersection and they expect the roundabout at Berckmans and Ingleside to do something similar.

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