Congressman Jody Hice tackles Washington’s top headlines


Today we dive back into national and state and local news, with a man who is helping to shape a lot of the decisions that are made, that impact all of us at those levels. Congressman Jody Hice so pleased to welcome him back to The Means Report, where we will cover these first 100 days and then some of Democratic Majority and congress how is that going for the GOP law maker and his colleagues also the green new deal, something that congressman Hice and other Republics are not huge fans of. Some Democrats for that matter too, I should mention. And the Born Alive Survivors Protection Act and the efforts toward that that congressman Hice is making. He represents Georgia’s tenth district and

Brad Means: Congressman Hice, thank you so much for being back in the district and visiting us today.

Rep. Jody Hice: I can’t tell how great it is to be back in the district, is always good to be with you as well. But we’ve had a lot of time in DC, is great to be back in the tenth district.

Brad Means: Well, is good to have you home and wanted to cover those first 100 days the Democrats are now in charge. The political scientist sat in your seat a few weeks ago and said expect nothing to be accomplished, expect gridlock. Are you feeling that up there?

Rep. Jody Hice: Yeah, but not in a way that I would have anticipated. I would have thought that would probably be some real attempts to get some legislation done, but at this point the Democrats are focused on trying to destroy the President rather than push through the legislation and what legislation they have attempted has been very radical. It’s everything from socialism to infanticide to attacks on the Second Amendment, attacks on the president. These are the types of things that they’ve been trying to push forward, which is not where America is for one thing but, you know has just been very radical, a lot of resistance and resolutions rather than legislation.

Brad Means: Congressman Hice you’ve been up there for the better part of five years now and then some, if memory serves, where is this coming from for the democrats? Who is saying, this is what voters wanna hear? Or is it as you just mentioned, not really about that just more about we want you to tear down Donald Trump.

Rep. Jody Hice: Well there’s no question, the motivating behind the scene’s force is to take down the President. That is the driving force within the Democratic Party in Washington. And, you know we see it in every committee hearing. Everywhere we are.

Brad Means: Tell me real quick–

Rep. Jody Hice: Is not just about them.

Brad Means: I wanted to ask you to kind of pull the curtain back. When you say you see it in every committee–

Rep. Jody Hice: Yeah.

Brad Means: Do you see people revealing themselves and saying hey man is not about the issues is the President who we hate, do you hear things that show the real motivation behind this approach?

Rep. Jody Hice: Yeah, you hear those actual things, just in casual conversation.

Brad Means: Right.

Rep. Jody Hice: It’s obviously much more diplomatic, and more professional if you will once you are in a committee hearing. But you look at the topics of what the committee hearings are all about. And we’re still dealing with for instance in the oversight committee. It’s still things addressing that Russian collusion delusion that frankly it’s over, we know it’s over. But the first main witness they have for the first major hearing in oversight for example was with Cohen who is a convicted liar going to prison for lying to Congress and yet they bring him back as a witness to try to get him to say something that may implicate the President on something else, and of course he lied again seven times in that hearing. But the whole thing was just for the purpose of trying to find something. It’s as though that the Democrats are right now in search of every haystack that they can find and hopes of trying to find a needle somewhere they can be detrimental to the President.

Brad Means: Speaking of the whole Russian deal, we’re recording this broadcast on a Wednesday, that’s the day we could get Congressman Hice here, we’re grateful for that. The moderate record comes out tomorrow Thursday by the time these airs and everybody will know about it. Do you think the full Report will change anything as we’ve known to up until now? And the abbreviated version referral the bullet points that we handed out.

Rep. Jody Hice: No, it’s not gonna change anything, I don’t anticipate it, and understand that, because is important for people to understand that the Democrats have been screaming for an unredacted version to come out. That is illegal for this to be unredacted. Anything that has to do with the Grand Jury information can not be made public, anything that of course deals with National Security, cannot be made public. So there will be parts of this Report that are going to be redacted by law, okay? That being said, I don’t think there’s going to be anything in here, I mean we already have the summary, the summary is gone through the details of the Report, and it summarized it and there is no collusion which is frankly we are knew all along, we’ve had 2,800 subpoenas, 500 warrants in this thing, $25 million spent and over and over again. 19 Attorneys, the vast majority of them Democrats, 40 FBI agents, this has gone on and on and on and they found nothing.

Brad Means: Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the Democratic newcomer from New York is backing this green new deal to help our environment to reduce carbon emissions to protect the world from climate change. What do you think about it and what is a discharge vote that you’re pushing for now?

Rep. Jody Hice: Well the green new deal is an absurd piece of at this point of resolution, but a resolution from which they hope legislation will come forth. The resolution is all about, and she herself say we’re going to destroy the world in 12 years it’s all gonna be over, if we don’t take this radical step of the green new deal too. But listen, this eliminates entirely airplanes in the next ten years. It would require a 100 million buildings in this country to rebuild, so that they meet the standards. 300 million automobiles would have to be made electric. It takes down to zero emissions in 10 years, which is just impossible. A price tag of some $93 trillion. I mean you have to understand this is the GDP of the entire world combined.

Brad Means: Yeah.

Rep. Jody Hice: In one building.

Brad Means: Do you think that she’s going for something so extreme in your opinion to reach a compromise and find some piece of legislation that still helps our environment.

Rep. Jody Hice: I am sure that it’s gonna be the, there’s no way that we can do the whole thing, is just impossible. So I am sure that will be the intent start as far to the left as you can then try to inch your way back a little bit and try to find a deal. But listen, America already leads the world in low emissions. We need to be all of the above in our strategy towards energy development, from the green renewable such as wind and solar and that type of thing. But we can’t forsake nuclear fossil fuels, and alike. The others have proven themselves to be at best temperamental where as fossil and nuclear and those type of things are consistent and and so I’m for all of the above and yes, we gotta be very responsible in the way we treat our world and our environment.

Brad Means: We’re gotta talk about the immigration issues facing this country, we’ re gotta talk about the booming economy America is enjoying right now and we gonna talk about the very special reason that Congressman Hice is in the area today, Wednesday as we record this. You’ll wanna hear that, involves smart, fortunate, young person Greenbriar High School at Means Report with Congressman Jody Hice continues at a moment.

Part 2

Brad Means: Welcome back to the Means Report, gonna jump right back into it with Congressman Jody Hice. Picking up Congressman where we left of in the last segment and that was on the green new deal. You talked to us about your feelings about it, now you’re pursuing this discharge petition. What is that?

Rep. Jody Hice: Yeah, a discharge petition is really a tool primarily utilized by the minority party. If you’re not able to keep a piece of legislation to cover the floor for a vote, the minority has the ability to file a discharge in hopes of pulling that bill forward and what is required to file the discharge , then you try to collect 218 votes or signatures. Once you have 2018 signatures then the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi has no choice, she must bring that bill to the floor. So it discharges it from being kept in off the floor to actually come into a vote. So I had filed a discharge petition on the green new deal I believe it’s important for every American citizen to know where their representative stands on this radical piece of legislation and so we are trying to get a vote on this. I believe virtually everyone in the Republican Party will sign for this discharge. There were 92 Democrats who cosponsored it so we gonna need about 20 of them to say yeah, I wanna have a vote on this as well.

Brad Means: So, are indication now that you will get that number that you need?

Rep. Jody Hice: Yeah, I don’t really know. When you cosponsor a piece of legislation, it means that you are in favor of it and it typically means you wanna vote it that’s why you cosponsor it. So we had 92 Democrats that cosponsor that and I think is important, and I call on them to have the courage to sign the discharge and say let’s vote on it.

Brad Means: Have you heard from Congressman Ocasio Cortez saying hey man, I am don’t appreciate you doing this.

Rep. Jody Hice: She has not communicated that to me at this point, I do know at the Senate, when they had to vote she encouraged Democratic Senators to vote present rather than vote for it, so I would anticipate that she realizes that this is a horrible piece of legislation and you know she who knows what’s gonna, I don’t wanna speculate.

Brad Means: Sure.

Rep. Jody Hice: I am hopeful is her bill 92 cosponsors I am hopeful that we will get at least 20 Democrats to say that we wanna vote on it and end up sign the Petition.

Brad Means: People here in the great State of Georgia were closely watching the Georgia heart beat bill the bill that would prevent abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. Now you are a backing in the Born Alives Survivors Protection Act at the federal level. A talk about what it does and the limitations and the regulations it puts in place.

Rep. Jody Hice: Yeah it’s amazing to me that we’re even having this kind of discussion on the National Level. The Born Alive Bill protects a baby that is born alive. After a botched abortion a baby survives the abortion and is born alive, is lying there on the table born, that baby deserves to be protected. After what’s happening in New York and Virginia and so forth, we are not longer talking abortion and this is a birth and alive baby on the table this is not abortion this is now a murder, killing an alive baby there on the table, so the Born Alive Bill basically says if that baby that is born and is alive, it deserves to be protected and receive medical treatment so that they can survive. And with the minority whip Steve Scalise has filed a discharge similar to what we just discussed because Nancy Pelosi has refused to bring this bill to the floor and so there is another discharge Petition I know they are right at 200 who have already signed onto it. Hopefully we’ll get a handful more and force a vote on them.

Brad Means: Let’s look at immigration Congressman Hice, if we can and the President’s National Emergency declaration will stand thanks to his veto of efforts to undo it, now is talking about sending immigrants to sanctuary cities saying look you said you would walk on them, here is a ton of them.

Are we making progress on immigration and are your goals as a member of the GOP being met at this point or is it that grid lock we mentioned?

Rep. Jody Hice: That is an area that unfortunately we still have grid lock. You would think that people would wanna do what’s in the best interest of our country rather than fight partisan politics over this issue. Democrats just a couple of years ago were in favor of the wall, and were in favor of securing our boarders. And now because of the occupant of the White House being Donald Trump who is now himself trying to defend our boarders and build the wall and so forth. Democrats are now opposed to defending our board. Just last month alone, March we apprehended 103,000 and how many others were not apprehended to pretend that we don’t have a crisis at the boarder, is absolute insanity to me. I’d take my hat off to the President for continuing to do everything he can to secure our boarders and if it means sending them to sanctuary cities and sanctuary states maybe that would be what it takes to get the Democrats to come to the table. But this is an issue of grave National Security concerns and something that we can no longer ignore and turn our heads on, we’ve gotta address this problem.

Brad Means: Talk about the state of our economy if you will Congressman and how well you think it’s doing. And whether this can be sustained does it get President Trump re elected.

Rep. Jody Hice: I don’t see how it does anything but get him re elected. They’ve been two primary factors, on one hand the President has been phenomenal on helping to reduce regulations that have been suffocating our business community for many many years and then this Congress we were able to pass the tax cut bill and so those two issues combined has generated an economic boom the likes of which probably I’ve never seen in my lifetime. Unemployment at all time lows, businesses are coming back. They’re expanding, people are seeing more income and they’re being able to keep that income. And so, here in Georgia you add to that, what’s happening here in Georgia, the number one place in this country in which to do business it’s just a great time, a great opportunity for the American people and for Georgia and the tenth district. I mean right here in our own community we’ve seen Club Core and John Deere and the cyber area expand and even in rural communities we’re seeing a lot of growth for Lincoln County, the Tolliver County, a host of others, this is a great District, a great State and the economy in our Nation is just spectacular right now.

Brad Means: Does it ever worry you when you have Hollywood or other groups we’re not gonna do business with Georgia if they pursue legislation that we oppose. We had that with the fetal heart beat bill though saying we’re not gonna make movies in your state anymore. Do you ever think that we better rethink this, we don’t wanna loose Hollywood.

Rep. Jody Hice: Absolutely not. Those people are not going to leave to begin with while they’re coming to Georgia because this is the best place to do business, this is the best place where they can make money. And the thought of people parachuting into our state doing their business and then leaving and telling us how to run our business, does not impress me or threat me what so ever. I applaud our Georgia’s general Assembly and the Governor an the Administration that we have here in this State, standing strong on the values of Georgians and keeping our economy the best in the Nation. If though these companies choose to go elsewhere that’s their decision but if they wanna make and have the biggest bang for their buck, they’ re gonna stay here in Georgia.

Brad Means: You know along with the top of the broadcast you talked about the Diplomatic version of the politicians that we see when the cameras are on, and specially in committee and sub committee meetings and then there’s the real version of them because we’re all people. When you see that real version of the other Party, do you ever hear those people say, Jody the economy is doing great, however we gotta keep pursuing what we’re pursuing.

Rep. Jody Hice: Oh Sure.

Brad Means: But P.S. thanks for the economy. Did you hear those kind of comments?

Rep. Jody Hice: Oh yeah, you hear those kind, everybody knows that the economy is doing extremely well. We’ve had 5.5 million new jobs created in the last year, that is phenomenal. And something that you don’t hear very much. We’ve had over five million people come of food stamps in the last couple of years. It’ s amazing. Only in the American free enterprise system where people are able to express their creativity their innovation, start businesses and keep that hard earned income and expand their businesses. There’re people are lifted up of poverty like no other place in the world and we’ve seen it just in the last two years. It’s been absolutely amazing, how little time has been needed to spur the greatest economic engine in the history of the world.

Brad Means: You are back in the tenth District for a great reason, there is a young fellow by the name of Justin Diger who goes to Greenbrier High School who appears to have a bright future ahead. Tell me about your visit and your excitement for him.

Rep. Jody Hice: One of the great parts of my business that I love more than anything in this job is being a part of having military appointments to some of our different academies and Justin is receiving an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy and as an outstanding young man in Greenbrier by the way this will be the third third time I’ve been at Greenbrier. Logan Hughes in the past, and Morgan Taylor, both of them also have been there and also received appointments to the Naval Academy, and Justin today is really what brings us here, and it just does my heart so much good to see some outstanding men and women young men and women who are excelling scholastically and athletically in, in all our leadership receiving appointments to our Academies. And it is a thrill for me to be here today to celebrate with Justin and his family and peers.

Brad Means: So what happens the parents or the student writes a letter and says help me get this appointment and then the ones like Justin’s are, they happen, they go through but is then how it begins.

Rep. Jody Hice: Is an extremely competitive and difficult process to get through. But the students will make the decision, they wanna try to get an appointment and so yes they can not get an appointment without a congressional nomination and so forth, so they start working with our office and it is a grueling process that generally takes a long long time, probably an average of a couple of years of these students getting their all their ducks in a row so to speak. It includes scholastic academic excellence. They must excel academically, they must excel athletically, in whatever sport that they are part of, and they must excel as leaders and that involves being involved in the community, in a variety of different ways but exhibiting authentic leadership on multiple fronts. So, without excelling in all three of these categories a student has no chance of getting an appointment and the competition as you can imagine is intense.

Brad Means: It sure is intense. So you’ re happy I am guessing. I don’t let me put words in your mouth but with the future of our country when it comes to our youth, do you like the direction kids are going and where our future leaders are going?

Rep. Jody Hice: Well, the part of it that I get to experience is like this today, with this military appointments is, it is one of the most inspiring and encouraging and hopeful things that I’ve ever been able of be part of because not only am I dealing witH these young people there individually but so many of their peers are here and you just see kind of the best of the best and it does go deep inside the heart just to get hope and inspiration of a generation that is coming out that’s really an amazing group of leaders.

Brad Means: Yeah, it really is encouraging and congratulations to everybody at Greenbrier High School. I’m glad you’re here for that reason and I’m glad that you stopped by. There’s this guy that emails me after every time a Republican law maker is on the Means Report. And he says basically, hey Brad just wanna give you a heads up. Everything that man said Rick Allen, Jody Hice isn’t true. Do you feel comfortable with all of your answers today?

Rep. Jody Hice: Yeah, I mean I am excited. You don’t have to look very far to see what the economy is doing, I mean two years ago we were basically told that the new norm was going to be 2% GDP growth, we’d never seen three. We’ve been beyond three for years and years for two years now, plus since the President has been in office and yeah, these are exciting times, people have more money in their pockets and the economy’s booming. Hey listen, we gotta deal with our debt, as an increased revenue, we got a decreased debt and spending and that’s a whole another battle that’s gonna be coming up in the months ahead.

Brad Means: Well I do appreciate your calendar and your information that you’ve given us as far as the goings on in Washington DC, so sir when you email me play back the final answer. Congressman Hice is comfortable with his answers. And we do appreciate that for sure. And look forward to come in back.

Rep. Jody Hice: Thank you, always great to be with you.

Brad Means: Absolutely, Congressman Jody Hice from Georgia’s tenth Congressional District.

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