WAYNESBORO, Ga. (WJBF) – A complaint has been filed against two police officers with the Waynesboro Police Department

According to a press release, it was made in reference to the handling of a call with a child present.

A mother claims her child was almost kidnapped by a stranger while her husband was being taken into custody.

“I felt helpless watching the body cam because I could not help my child,” cried Chundra Hendrix.

Hendrix is livid. She claims her seven-year-old daughter was nearly abducted at the El Cheapo gas station on South Liberty Street, and she wants the officers held accountable.

“I want those officers fired. I don’t want them to ever be able to work in any type of community position ever again in life,” she exclaimed.

Hendrix supplied NewsChannel 6’s Kim Vickers with her copy of the incident report that shows her husband got into a verbal dispute with the store clerk on January 22nd around 8:45 pm. Police were called and when Sam Hendrix refused to show I-D he was put in handcuffs and placed in a police cruiser. Chundra Hendrix said she watched the whole thing unfold on the body cam footage.

“And as I’m viewing the body cam, I see this strange man, who I don’t know, my husband doesn’t know, my daughter doesn’t know, go to my truck on the passenger’s side and proceed to open my truck door,” Hendrix explained. “At that point, the officers then go back into the store. And they stay in the store for two or three minutes. When they come out of the store, you can hear my husband screaming, ‘Hey! Somebody just got my daughter.'”

Officers were able to stop the car and get the child who was unharmed. Hendrix claims the body cam footage shows the officers telling the man he wasn’t in trouble and requested he remove the girl from his vehicle. Now, Hendrix said her daughter is traumatized by what happened.

“My daughter loves this city. But do you know what her words were to me when I took her home? ‘Can we move now? I don’t feel safe anymore.'”

We reached out to the Waynesboro police asking if the unidentified man was detained and were told they couldn’t comment while the investigation is ongoing. We also requested copies of the incident report, the complaint filed against the officers and the body cam footage and haven’t yet heard back.

This is a developing story.