AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- Calling on a demand for change, Standing in front of the John Ruffin Jr. Courthouse city leaders and others in the community came together praying for the city of Augusta , while talking about ways to keep the community safe.

This comes after two high school shootings in Richmond County—and other violent incidents happening in the area. Activist, Reverend Larry Fryer says this call to action is only the beginning.

“To see What we can do to help our students parents and others in the community at large so that we will be able to help in the situation that is happening with all of the violence in the city,” said Rev. Fryer.

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But it’s not just adults who are stepping up to make a change – A group of teens, with the Omega Lamplighters,is taking the opportunity to help, too.

“It takes a  village so  like I said which is trying to head on so we can have a better effect of like what we’re doing around the neighborhood for environment,” said Malik Williams.

And to help other young people stay out of trouble and make a difference…

“Be smart if you ever need help you know there are people and there are groups that are here to help you,” said Dominque Franklin.

Fryer says ending gun violence will take not only time,  but more people taking action.

“Cause a problem is not only in some of our schools at some of our schools it is in our community it is in our state nation in world and we are hoping to make a difference this is just a beginning by calling people together,” said Fryer.