AUGUSTA, Ga. ( WJBF) — People living in Olmstead Homes remember the sound of gun shots ringing through the neighborhood Saturday.

” I heard about eight or nine shots and when I looked out my window, they were lined up here and lined up there. It’s a shame that another family is going to bury a loved one.”

It’s all part of a recent uptick in gun violence seen across the city.

Some of that violence happened in district one where commissioner Jordan Johnson said solving the crime issue means getting to the root of the problem.

” We have to make sure we understand the root cause of why folks are committing certain crimes,” Johnson said.

Johnson said that means addressing the poverty and lack of resources found in areas like the Harrisburg and Laney Walker neighborhoods.

” You have 30 percent of this community living in poverty and crime rate reflects that poverty rate. So having mentorship programs in place to help these young people before they enter a life of crime is what’s most important here,” Johnson said.

With young people at the center of some of the violence Johnson said it’s important to provide the youth with resources and opportunities.

” Working with our youth while they’re still young and in their teenage years before they get into this life of crime because once they get in its hard to pull them out.”

He says that will take a community effort.

” The entire community has to get involved here. We have to get everyone at the table to save our kids because if they don’t show up were going to see more of these situations happening in the community.”