Commissioners want Lock and Dam repaired not replaced


AUGUSTA,Ga, (WJBF) Augusta city leaders want to keep lock and dam in place.

City leaders approving a resolution of support for the corp of Engineers to repair the lock and dam. create a fish passage.

A bill in Congress is proposing to replace the 80 year old structure with a half mile long rock weir.

City leaders are concerned that removing the dam mean the pool of water created by the dam would be diminished, hurting businesses and recreation of the river.

“I I think I support the efforts that are being made to really look at this language that’s in the bill it’s a complicated long bill this is just a small part of it I want to make sure what ever is in there if it needs to be changed for the betterment of Augusta that we really take a hard look at that,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Mary Davis.

BRAD:Supporters of saving the lock and dam telling commissioners repairs to the existing structure would be a lot less expensive than building the rock weir

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