AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Central EMS is scheduled to take over running emergency calls in a little more than three weeks, but city leaders will have to wait on how much of a subsidy the company wants.

“So not having any information in terms of subsidy, I think, is a disappointment and we really need to handle this situation sooner rather than later,” said Commissioner Alvin Mason.   

The city EMS subcommittee is in negotiations with Central EMS, and interim city administrator Takiyah Douse told commissioners that a subsidy amount still has not been agreed to, but a contract with the subsidy amount should be ready in two weeks.

“Now it seems like we’re going to wait until after Masters to hear about it, it kind of puts our back against the wall to hurry up and make a decision, I don’t want to operate that way,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Brandon Garrett.

But the call by some to announce what the subsidy will be had some commissioners saying this goes against the commitment made by city leaders to stay out of the EMS subcommittee ambulance negotiations.

“Do you think they are interfering in the subcommittee process?”
“Well somewhat yes, we just need to be patient and let it come to us,” said Commissioner Bobby Williams. 

But for some city leaders, patience is running out, because after Gold Cross gave 30 days notice on the month-to-month contract with the city, Central EMS will be running calls April 22.