Commissioners talk Coliseum Authority appointments


Last summer Commissioners made their position clear when it comes to a new arena, they would only fund one downtown now they’re calling in the Coliseum Authority for a progress report and the progress report is going to say not much.

When it comes to moving forward with a new arena downtown, the Coliseum Authority will be telling commissioners the show has not gone on.

“Not surprised because there seems to be a stalemate with the Coliseum Authority,” said 10th District Commissioner John Clarke.

The authority rejected moving forward last month on having consultants complete deigns for the current location.

“We are at a crossroads we need to move forward as an Authority we are at a little bit of an impasse I hope that can change,” said Coliseum Authority Vice Chairman Brad Usry.

Six of the seven members of the Coliseum Authority are selected by Commissioners, three are appointed by commissioners from Super District 9, and three from Super District 10

And the terms of the members from District 10 expired the end of last year.

“We are discussing it now we have had some talks about it we haven’t quite made a decision on it yet,” said Tenth District Commissioner Clarke.

“Do we keep those members on?”

“I think an any time it’s time for new blood across all of the committees we have,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Sean Frantom.

But of the the three authority members whose terms expired only Darren Smith been opposed to the current site for the arena.

“We’ll make a collective decision whether we keep what we have we’ll probably reappoint all three,” said Commissioner Clarke.

So all three go or all three stay your not going to pick and choose?”

“That’s pretty much where we are standing right now,” said Clarke.

Now Augusta Commissioners can remove the Authority members whose terms are not up yet but that would require a super majority of seven votes including all four of the super nine commissioners who appointed them in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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