Commissioners scrutinize storm water program


After three years ten months the storm water Utility is a well established city program it has taken in an spent tens of millions of dollars some city leaders still believe this program is just not cutting it.

A private contractors cutting a major road and picking up litter was something you didn’t see before the storm water program started however Harold Aaron says in his east Augusta neighborhood he has not seen a big difference.

“Nothing it’s still the same they’re just spinning their wheels wasting money really to tell you the truth big waste of taxpayer money,” says Aaron.

Augusta Commissioners approved the ordinance creating the storm water program,

A program some believe is not producing the results it should.

“To me it doesn’t seem like any improvements have been made on the right of way maintenance there’s still overgrown ditches overgrown roadsides we were all told that was part of the storm water system,” says Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

“I think we need to look at the money where it’s going whose spending whose getting it I think we need a detailed report,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

“Should it continue in it’s present form?”

“No,said Clarke.

The storm water program is not designed to stand without an examination. the ordinance says commissioners “shall” do a review of the program at least every five years, but some commissioners are giving the program a positive review.

Cleaning the ditches and all that this is what we need in order to get our community up and coming,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

“Until we start really seeing a consistent improvement I’m going to continue to look at this,” said Commsisoner Garreett.

But city engineers say next year they plan to add two grass cutting crews this will them to cut six times a year instead of four however this will result in the re-programming of five to six hundred thousand dollars out of he storm water utility program, in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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