AUGUSTA (WJBF) – For some Augusta commissioners when it comes to Azalea Park Apartments where there’s been smoke there’s fire.  

“When there’s dry feces on the floor, and there’s electrical problems in the wall, and you’re sleeping, and a fire starts it’s a dangerous situation and it’s an unhealthy situation,” said Commissioner John Clarke.  

 Commissioners getting an update from the Planning Department and were told earlier code violations have been corrected, but a sweep last month found 53 new ones, however none of those violations are considered life threatening.  

“I was over there a few days ago, they’re working on the compound, but you still have to there’s a lot that you have to take into consideration,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.  

 Commissioners wanted the violations at the complex corrected by the end of last year, and some believe it’s time for the commission to take action against the owners. 

 “We need to address this issue head on, we need to do those things that are necessary, to hold people accountable which has not been done I’m prepared to do that today,” said Commissioner Alvin Mason.  

 But if commissioners vote to condemn the complex where do the residents go, with homelessness getting worse.  

“We have to make sure folks are safe but if that means identifying additional housing, we have to do what we have to do at this point we have to make sure that folks are safe,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson.   

 And at these apartments being home may not mean being safe, in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6. 

The committee today voting to get another update in two weeks and have the owners attend that meeting.