Commissioners deciding whether to attend Thursday’s meeting in person


Augusta leaders are being given the opportunity to take part in this week’s meeting remotely by using tele-conferencing however some are not taking advantage of the technology even as the city preaches social distancing

At their last meeting all commissioners attended but this time some will be working from home by tele conferencing

“With the Municipal building being shut down as well as the other government buildings I think this is the best practice we should be using,” says Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

But it’s not a practice all commissioners will be using, Commissioner Dennis Williams say he will be attending the meeting in person, and not use the teleconferencing

“I’m not that computer savvy to be honest and plus it gives us the opportunity to actually seeing what’s going on throughout the community and I just prefer being present,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

On Friday Commissioner John Clarke said was had planned on being present at the Commission meeting but now says he will participate remotely, saying it sends a better message to the public.

“How can we really in good conscience tell our citizens do social distance and then we do not follow what we’re asking our citizens to do,” says Commissioner John Clarke.

“The ones that are wanting to show up down there even some who want to invite the public in sets a bad precedent it’s a very confusing message during this time,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.
A public meeting does mean the public will be allowed into the commission chambers but the city is urging those interested to take part by watching the live stream on the city’s website in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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