Commissioners called on to remove Confederate Monument


Augusta. Ga (WJBF) In its history it’s not the first time, there has been talk about removing Augusta’s Confederate Monument, but doing so is raising historic concerns

“I do not want any history destroyed, none, history is history you can’t change it good, bad. or indifferent, you can’t change it,” says Commissioner John Clarke.

But activist Ray Montana says the monument’s history is one of promoting slavery and white supremacy and urged commissioners to support removing it.

“I’m asking for our black community and the rest of our city can you guys come together on one accord to make history to overtake the steps to make this state property be removed from our county and pubic property,” said Montana of the CSRA Street Justice Council.

Removal received the support of an Augusta University professor.

“It’s a symbol of white supremacy it’s a symbol of division it’s a symbol of treason. war against the United States a war that was lost to the United States,” said Professor Todd Powell-Williams.

Commissioners took no action on the removal but commissioner Marion Williams says it’s not an action he is interested in taking.

“I’m not for removing the monument it doesn’t bother me i can’t even tell you what it looks like I know where it’s located but I never stood in front of it never looked up at it I act as if it’s not even there,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

Removing the Confederate Monument, could have Augusta colliding with state law however Commissioner Clarke saying it something the city needs to consider.

“I would not be opposed to a compromise off of Broad Street to another location,” said Commissioner Clarke.

A committee set up by the mayor will be looking at the city’s landmarks and monuments, and the future of this piece of Augusta’s history will be central to those discussions.

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