Commissioners approved mask mandate but they’re still not required at city buildings


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Augusta commissioners debated and a majority approved a mask mandate that was supposed to be effective today. However, city leaders still don’t have their mandate.

Monday was another workday at the Municipal Building and with COVID continuing there are plenty of masks being worn.

“I listen to the doctors and everything I don’t have anything against anti maskers or anything like that I’m for safety especially since I’ve got a daughter and everything,” said Lincolnton Jones who was there with his young daughter.

Last week commissioners approved a mask requirement for all city buildings. effective Monday October 11th, but now the city of Augusta is saying that’s not the case catching some commissioners by surprise.

“I haven’t been informed or I haven’t received word as to why we have to delay it I just heard it on the news,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

In late September a commission committee approved the mask mandate.

After the administrator’s office said one was needed immediately, the full commission approved it one week later.

But city leaders, saying though commissioners voted for a mask mandate, they didn’t approve a plan to put it in place.

The plan goes to the administrative services committee on Tuesday, if approved in committee it will go to the full commission for final approval next week.

“Even if we have to go through another level of review approval or review, I have no problem with it starting,” said Commissioner Williams.

But even regular mask wearers at the Municipal Building are questioning the need for a mandate.  

“You should respect other people’s decisions with masks people who don’t have masks people who feel like they don’t want to wear masks I mean you can’t make them that’s why I say I don’t feel a mandate should be in place,” said Jones.

Now Augusta Commissioners have already signaled they do support mask mandates for potential safety benefits however those benefits at least two more weeks away.

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