Commissioner wants storm fees for goat program


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) There could be a change coming to Augusta’s goat maintenance program.

Goats have been used to help clear underbrush in retention ponds for three years now.

The animals eat the vegetation freeing up work crews to do other things.

In 2014, the goat program came under the Animal Services Department budget.

But Commissioner Marion Williams now says to grow the program it needs to be funded through the storm water fee.

“We started collecting the storm water fee, it comes in under engineering it’s an enterprise we can designate x amount of dollars to go to that to have the man power and the necessary resources that we have I don’t know how many goats we have 15-or 20 we ought to have 30 or 40 we hadn’t bought any more we need to get some more but with that money we can use that to do that,” says Commissioner Williams

City engineers say as long as the goats are put to work at  storm water ponds for maintenance storm fees could be used for the program.

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