Commissioner wants answers in wake of EEO Officer firing


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) The Augusta Compliance Office is now missing a big piece of the operation.

“Shocked disappointed still a lot of answers that I haven’t gotten,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

EEO Officer J.G. Long has been fired, this coming after he sent a letter this week to the Commissioners requesting a meeting.

The letter stating he had growing concerns with the operation of the compliance office.  Including its independence, the effects of outside influences, and d the oversight and control of EEO investigations.

The day after commissioners got the letter via e-mail

Compliance Director Kellie Irving fired long.

“The commissioners I talked to are shocked by the firing because MS Irving reports to us she knew we received that E-mail she’s on the e-mail chain she never reached out to the commission to say hey I’ve released him of his duties,” said Commissioner Frantom.

“MS. Irving has done an outstanding job with that position I don’t think she’s going to do anything to put Richmond County at risk,” said Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

Commissioners will not meet again until May 30th, Frantom doesn’t want to wait that long to discuss the firing.

“Myself and a few others want to have a special called meeting,” said Frantom.

“How about a special called meeting is one needed for this  I don’t think so if we have a special called meeting after every employee is terminated we won’t get anything done,” said Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

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