Commissioner says others pushed for depot parking lot improvements


AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Augusta commissioners are blaming others for the potential conflict on the depot property downtown.

As we exclusively reported on Tuesday, half a million dollars in parking lot improvements are being put on the Reynolds Street property by the Development Authority for Unisys.

This is the same site where commissioners gave the go-ahead for a 93 million dollar housing and retail development.

Commissioners say to make way for the development, the parking improvements will need to taken up, but say the work should have been done when the city first agreed to provide the 500 parking spots in 2015.

“You realize it doesn’t look good to put a half a million dollars into it and tear it up but truth be told this should have been done in 2015 and it’s just that Unisys has demanded at this time so they had no choice but to do it by contractual obligation,” says Commissioner Ben Hasan.

The new development is schedule to have a parking deck but it would be months before that’s ready, but under that 2015 agreement the city will remain obligated to provide Unisys, with 500 parking spots somewhere downtown.

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