Commissioner responds to comment about reassignment of Probation Officer


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Augusta Commissioners say reassigning the city’s Chief Probation Officer was necessary to keep the city from getting sued.

Commissioners voted at last week’s meeting to make Chief Probation Officer Marie Boulton the deputy warden at R-C-C-I.

THAT position was eliminated more than 5 years ago.

Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle voted against it, and blasted the move, calling it just plain wrong.

But at least one other commissioner says Guilfoyle is wrong.

“”We came out a whole lot cheaper taking one of the jobs that was vacant and put her in it versus being sued the city now I guess commissioner Guilfoyle has plenty of money so he can pay that lawsuit I totality disagree with that I think he’s wrong that we were out of place to do that,” says Commissioner Marion Williams

Boulton had hired an attorney after she was placed on administrative leave from her job at the probation office by Judge David Watkins.

Her salary at R-C-C-I will be 79-thousand dollars per year.

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