Commissioner Mary Davis tabbed as Mayor Pro-Tem


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) A big day for Commissioner Mary Davis she gets sworn in for her second term on the commission and after being nominated by Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle.

“I think Mary Davis has carried herself well these part four years I think she’s going to represent the country and she’s a good spokesperson,” said Guilfoyle.

“She’s shown some leadership around some issues she sets to the right of us and we’ve conversed on some issues I think she has the spirit she could do a great job at it we need a calm demeanor sometime to calm the boys down,” said Commissioner Ben Hasan.

The Davis was a new issue but the commission still has some left over ones to deal one whether commissioner Marion Williams should be paid 450 dollars for attending three meetings as the ex-officio member on the Planning Commission

“I think if you work the job you ought to get paid the board does pay somebody brought in as ex-officio member the ex-officio member has the same rights and the privileges except for a vote,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

And after a seven month wait after being elected in May  Commissioner Andrew Jefferson  takes his seat on the commission, Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle, wants the commission to ask state lawmakers to allow commissioner elects to take their seat in Augusta, instead commissioners voted to ask state lawmakers to change city elections back to November Something Jefferson would like to see.

“Well as you know I served 12 years on the school board and each time I ran on the school board from 92- 2004 it was a November election and in January you take office that’s a reasonable time to wait,” said Commissioner Jefferson.

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