Commissioner appointed to redistricting committee raises questions


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Augusta’s four members of the redistricting committee will join with four from the school board and four from the legislative delegation to redraw Augusta’s political map based on 2020 census numbers now some public accusations whether all Augusta members can be totally fair.

Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight is publicly raising questions about one of the four commissioners selected to represent the commission on the joint redistricting committee.

“I just felt we need to have it fair and more of a level playing field and I brought up something that might have ruffled some feathers.” said Commissioner McKnight.

Last week McKnight offered to serve on the committee, and her name was even placed in nomination.

“I nominate commissioner from the third Catherine Smith McKnight,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.

But instead of McKnight, Commissioner Jordon Johnson was selected, and McKnight now going public saying he’s too political for the job.

Johnson is Chair of the Richmond County Democratic Party and McKnight questions whether a political partisan should be involved in drawing district lines for the cities non- partisan elections.

“We’re non-partisan when I mentioned one of them being the Democratic Chairman of Augusta, I thought well maybe is that a conflict of interest does it violate anything with ethics those are questions we need to look into,” said McKnight.

McKnight saying it’s not   personal with Commissioner Johnson who she calls a good guy.

“Things just need to be level as I say level playing field fair, I brought it up I don’t regret it no sir,” said McKnight.

Though commissioners have officially named its four members to this committee there will be time to make changes if commissioners want to this committee will not meet until the census numbers come in and they’re not due until October of November.

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