AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Early on a Friday morning last month shots were fired at this lower Broad Street night club. A commission committee has recommended the cities course of action on its operating licenses, but will that be the final word?

The Public Services committee recommendation six months program the downtown night club.

“What I would like it to have it pulled from the consent agenda so the other commissioners can weigh in with their thoughts I want clearer understanding that the owners do understand their responsibilities,” said Commissioner John Clarke. 

Sheriff investigators say last month at the club a fight broke out on the dance floor.

A suspect started shooting, four people were hit including an underage customer who was intoxicated.

Sheriff investigators writing, the owners have complied with the department, and they requested the club be placed on six months’ probation.

“The six months is what was recommended Sheriff’s Department and I support the Sheriff’s Department,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

But other commissioners disagree with what they see as a slap on the wrist.

I don’t think it went far enough, because no matter how the weapon got into the facility the license owner is still responsible,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

The License and Inspections Department wanted a greater punishment calling for a 90-day suspension of the license and one year’s probation for the club.

Sheriff’s investigators telling commissioners they did not want to put the club out of business with the owners cooperating on making security changes.

“Does that carry some weight with you?”

No, not at all putting a person out of business we didn’t put them out of business, he did, he didn’t follow the rules and the policies therefore it’s his responsibility,” said Commissioner Williams.

The Public Services Committee   vote was three to zero on the probation for the club’s operating licenses however when it goes to the full commission six votes have the final say.