Commission will consider 11 million dollars in federal funds waiting to be assigned


 Augusta, Ga (WJBF) The city budget does have 71 million uses for Federal Rescue Act funds, but the city’s allotment is 82 million dollars that leaves 11 million dollars that has some city leaders making plans on how to divvy that up.  

 Millions in American Rescue Act funds brought a new wrinkle to this year’s budget sessions with 11 million dollars of the funds still unassigned, with commissioners saying they how they would like to see it used. 

“Let’s start doing the things we’re telling the people we’re going to do streetlights; storm drains infrastructure potholes let’s get things done,” said Commissioner John Clarke.  

“Where I would like to put 11 million would be get our streets taken care of potholes cleaning up our city,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight. 

 Back in July Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams suggested using the federal funds to provide each commissioner with a million dollars to use district by district, now here comes the new budget with 11 million rescue act dollars unassigned.  

“Say each District a million dollars I’m still on that bandwagon, I’m still going to push that,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams. 

But some commissioners are already pushing back.  

“I just don’t see any reason in giving each commissioner a million apiece I don’t,” said Commissioner McKnight.  

 “There would have to be parameters, guidelines, cross checks that it would be a nightmare,” said Commissioner Clarke. 

“I would hope that we would put together a small group that would be in charge of disseminating the money and making decisions about it with the commissioner with the ability to say yes or no,” said The Mayor Pro-Tem. 

 Now commissioners are expected to approve the 2022 budget next week likely before they make decisions on the 11 million dollars, they will be able to go back after the fact when projects are determined in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.  

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