Commission wants more time on task force recommendations


Augusta, Ga. (WJBF) – The Mayor’s task force, formed in response to the death of George Floyd, made its recommendations 11 months ago. One of those is to relocate the Confederate memorial off Broad Street but it’s not the only recommendation it wants commissioners to consider.

Commissioners are saying, they were not prepared to act on the recommendation to relocate the Confederate memorial because of unanswered questions.

“First of all, where is it going if the people who recommended the place were acceptable to it? We still didn’t know how much the cost was,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Though relocating the Confederate memorial off Broad is a recommendation from the mayor’s task force it’s not the only one.

The group is also calling for removing a Confederate memorial from Greene Street, renaming the Gordon Highway, and the Calhoun Expressway.

And removing signage for the Jefferson Davis Highway, recommendations the task force wants enacted.

“All five of them renaming the Gordon Highway the Calhoun all of these need to be done?”

“Yes, yes, said Task Force member Dr. Mallory Millender.

There is opposition to relocating the Confederate memorial but also renaming The Gordon Highway.

“People have been living along Gordon Highway and other places for 50 something plus years they have to change their ID’s they got to change their tax returns, post office renaming it’s going to cost millions and millions of dollars,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight.

“We do need more time to really sit down and look at it and negotiate with both parties to find out what’s going to be best for our community,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Commissioners are setting the date in June as the time it will look at the relocation of the Confederate memorial. Whether or not commissioners will get to the other recommendations before that date, remains to be seen.

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