Augusta, Ga (WJBF) Roughly 25 thousand south Augusta residents in District 4, without a commissioner tonight after the suspension of Sammie Sias, the commission has had vacancies before, but not like this.  

Commissioners can now see a vacancy on their board. 

The District 4 seat is empty, the next step isn’t as clear.  

“Right now, I don’t know if the governor is going to appoint someone, or the commission is going to appoint one,” said Commissioner Francine Scott.  

 Sammie Sias is no longer serving on the commission, suspended by Governor Brian Kemp, in the past commissioners have made the appointment when a vacancy occurred. 

  “Well, I think the commission if we do a replacement should be the one to name a replacement however at this time until we get that discussion in the backroom, I’m not sure what direction we’ll go in, said Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams.    

 But since the governor suspended Sias, and the seat was not made vacant by death or resignation city leaders aren’t sure right now who makes the appointment.  

  “Does the governor make this appointment this seat or does the commission or do you know?  

 “I don’t know that yet, I would think maybe the Governor but then again I could be wrong,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight. 

 Commissioners talked about the Sias situation but took no action so what’s the next step.  

 “I’m not sure I’m not sure about it,” said the Mayor Pro-Tem  

“Uncharted territory,”  

“Unchartered territory,” said Williams.  

  Now there’s more than a year left on Sammie Sias term in the past that would necessitate the need for a special election if a special election is called for here it would take place   in November if the call comes  soon enough, in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.