Commission taking on community center operations


Augusta. Ga (WJBF) Augusta commissioners are looking at changes in how some community centers are operated.

The Johnson rec center, Eastview, and Jamestown are all run by neighborhood groups under agreements with the city.
Former commissioners Sammie Sias is accused of taking thousands of dollars in tax money from Jamestown.
Under the current agreement, the city pays all the utilities at the rec centers but the neighborhood groups get 90 percent of the rental money.

“When we put out 100 percent of the overhead and have a deal where we get ten percent back that doesn’t make good sense to me and we need to make sure the programs are really uplifting the community at these community centers,” said Commissioner Alvin Mason.

Commissions voting to end the agreement at Jamestown and have the city take over, and amending the current agreements at Eastview and W.T. Johnson to provide more accountability.

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