Commission puts brakes on efforts to spend big on speeding devices


Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – Speeding in neighborhoods is seen as a big problem and some commissioners are proposing spending big on a solution.  

“We know the citizens are not going to want to take on the responsibility but it’s something we know that is needed because law enforcement can’t be everyplace at all times,” said Commissioner Ben Hasan. 

The proposal is to take $420,000 equally divided among 10 commissioner districts to pay for speed humps, a major change because under the current policy if the street qualifies the neighborhoods on the street pay for the devices. 

 “If a neighborhood and community want them, I think the homeowner’s association or the neighborhood should be the ones to pony up the money and pay for them,” said Commissioner John Clarke.  

The proposal also says the $420,000 would not be a one-time expense. 

“It’s supposed to be an annual budget item commissioners get three streets this year and commissioners get three streets next year,” said Commissioner Hasan.  

 Commissioners had concerns about $420,000 as an annual expense for speed humps.  

“But this $420,000 not just one year but year after year we don’t need to be spending that,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight.

Commissioners want to do something about speeding, but city leaders did not support spending $420,000 right now, as the solution.

The city administrator telling commissioners he will have funding options when he makes his budget presentation next month.  

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