Commission, Mayor,don’t want GBI probing “equipment-gate”


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) It’s been three months since Augusta heavy  equipment was found on private property in Lincoln  County, and  some city leaders say it’s time they found out exactly what happened.

“It seems like nobody wants to get to the bottom of it I don’t understand why any commissioner wouldn’t be supportive of getting an agency like the GBI to look at all the stuff that happened,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

Commissioner Marion Williams wanted   the commission support to call in the GBI to investigate, his motion failed even to get a second.

“If you bring it in for one brings it in for all,” said Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

This case doesn’t rise to a higher level though?”

“No,” said Fennoy.

“Well there’s only three people who can bring in the GBI the Sheriff, the Mayor or the DA this body  asked the Administrator to review the process until then let’s here from her first,” says Commissioner Sean Frantom.

Mayor Davis says he was satisfied with the Sheriff’s office investigation that found no wrong doing.

“Given my confidence in our Sheriff I don’t have a reason to day that has risen to the level of wanting to have the GBI expend taxpayer resources further investigating the matter,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.

Sheriff Roundtree attended the meeting leaving after the debate we asked him about bringing in the GBI

“Do you see a need for GBI involvement you sat through the meeting?

“I don’t see the need for you to follow me to the elevator,” said Sheriff Roundtree.

“I’m trying to ask the Sheriff about it”

“I got that George,” answered Roundtree.

Al Gray. the Lincoln County resident who found the equipment spoke to commissioners saying further investigation is needed.

“I think they’re making a grand mistake I think this is going to live, and live and live through the summer because it’s got so many unexplained aspects,” said Gray.

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