Commission looks to allot 400k for neighborhood speed humps

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 Augusta, Ga (WJBF) They’re on the way to the Bellemeade neighborhood, traffic slowing device like these they’re called speed humps.  

“There are a couple of places in my district we could probably put the speed bumps. but we have to make sure the citizens in the area are aware of it and they do their part in apply for,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.  

The city policy says if a neighborhood street meets all the qualifications for speed humps and 75 percent of residents sign on the city puts them in.

 And those on the street are taxed 30 dollars a year until they’re paid for. 

 But a commission committee wants to do away with that. 

 “I’m going to step up and say I think the homeowner’s association in that neighborhood should bear the burden of the cost of them not the entire city,” said Commissioner John Clarke. 

 The Engineering Services Committee recommending allotting 420 thousand dollars, divided equally among commission districts, to cover all the costs of the speed humps once they’re approved. 

“That’s a big change here’s where the problem will be with that there will be people taxpayers paying for them then there will be taxpayers paying for speed humps that they might not have,” says Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight.  

“Sometimes the system is not perfect for everybody as long as the main objective has been made, we as citizens even though it may not be in my area, but I may drive in the area where they are some,” says Commissioner Williams. 

  If a neighborhood wants them let that neighborhood some way be responsible for paying for them,” said Commissioner Clarke.  

 That’s how it’s being done in Bellemeade, in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6. 

The 420 thousand dollars for the program have not been budgeted, the full commission will vote on the policy change next week. 

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