Commission delays lock and dam study


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Planning for a white water course at lock and dam park in Augusta is on hold.

The full commission voted to delay a committee recommendation to spend $10 thousand on consultants to do a study to create a white water center, using the old locks at the structure.

Commissioners hit the brakes because they want to hear from the Corps of Engineers on whether the old dam will be refurbished.

The Savannah Riverkeeper says the federal government will make a final decision in October but it will not be to fix the old dam. And a delay could mean losing not having a plan for the whitewater course at the locks.

“This doesn’t matter what the dam looks this is actually only looking at how is there reason to save the locks and how can they be used by citizens other than those lucky enough to own a big boat that’s  it that’s the only thing we are considering,” said Tonya Bonitatabus, The Savannah Riverkeeper.

Commissioners voted to delay action for not more than 60 days to and hold a workshop on the best way forward at the lock and dam.

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