Commission credit card policy moves forward


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – According to state law, if you’re going to give elected officials a credit card you must have a policy. This is something Augusta doesn’t have. 

“I think we need to get our ball rolling to make sure we have something in place to hold everybody accountable to their spending,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson.

Commissioners are voting to have the attorney and administrator develop a credit card policy based on the now five-year-old state guidelines.

“There should have been a policy change some time ago I think they said in 2016 there was a new law that was passed we should have made some adjustments at that point in time,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams.  

This action comes as the mayor’s credit card use is under from what he called   unsubstantiated allegations of abuse misuse and misconduct of taxpayer’s funds.  

Nevertheless, Mayor Davis in a statement calling for the firm currently conducting the city audit to expand its work to include an audit of his credit card charges.

“In regard to which auditor we use I’m not sure we should be able to pick who we (want), I’m not sure the department should be able to pick the auditor they want to use,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

Commissioner Garrett suggests a deeper audit when it comes to credit card spending. 

“A forensic audit is definitely needed,” he said. “Those look for criminal forensic audit’s do.”

“Sometimes, sometimes they’re used to get a ground basis for where things have fallen astray as well as to make sure everything is accounted for,” said Garrett.

The mayor declined to comment.

“What do we get out of holding this audit why do you want to see this audit?”

It’s good to see you today,” said Davis.

Commissioners are thinking it’s good that they’re finally moving forward on a policy to bring more accountability to credit card use.

The commission did not discuss the mayor’s audit request at Tuesday’s meeting.


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