Commission calls for investigations into Sias allegations


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Willa Hilton’s letter to city leaders outlined several serious charges against Commissioner Sammie Sias, allegations city leaders say they need to look into.

“We’ve got the allegations out there that we don’t know the answers to. There are those we do know the areas to you have an on going affair so I definitely think it’s worth a discussion,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

Commissioners discussed the allegations in a more than 90 minute legal session.

Afterward the mayor, in a prepared statement, saying the commission would act.

“The Augusta Commission decided that the Family and Children’s services would be contracted about alleged Child Abuse at the Jamestown Community Center,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.

Hilton also accused Sias of misspending money.

The commission saying that needed a formal investigation by an outside law enforcement agency.

“The Georgia Bureau of Investigations would be contacted to begin an investigation about alleged use or misuse of SPLOST funds,” said Mayor Davis.

Hilton is the Chair of the Augusta Aviation Commission.

Sias serves as the city’s liaison with the board.

City leaders say both are now out.

“It was also decided by this body that Commissioner Sammie Sias and Ms Willa Hilton will be removed effective immediately from their roles,” said Mayor Davis.

In addition, Commissioners voted to remove Sias from the day to day operations and management of Jamestown while the investigation is ongoing.

“Some of this is ‘she said, he said’. That’s why we really got to get to the facts to see what we’re doing, moving forward, but for now I think we need to do, as a city, be involved in that community center fully and try to have an investigation put in place as soon as possible,” said Commissioner Mary Davis.

According to two commissioners, the FBI presented a subpoena while the legal session was on going, no details on what that was for.

The vote to move forward with the investigations was seven to two with Commissioner Dennis Williams and Bill Fennoy voting against, Commissioner Sammie Sias abstained.

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