Commission adopts credit card policy


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Augusta officials have been ringing up charges using government credit cards without any oversight policy in place, until now.  

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“It is needed. We’re a day late and a dollar short, should have done this several years back,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight.

State law called for local governments to have a credit card policy back in 2016, commissioners are getting around to making just now and approving one after question being raised about Mayor Davis credit card use. 

“Not just the mayor’s office, but all the credit cards that were out there were in contradiction to Georgia law, that’s why we did this policy that’s why it was needed,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

Under the new policy commissioners said the Administrator or someone he selects will manage credit card use. The first step to provide training for the officials who get them.

And there are now limits, no more than $500 for a single purchase, or $5000 a month, without prior approval.

“And with proper reporting and accounting we shouldn’t have any problems,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

“Do we forensic audit the expenditures that were made already?”

“No, I still don’t see a need,” he said.

Commissioners turned down a request for a forensic audit of all city departments, that would have included the mayor’s office.

“At some point I think we’re going to have to audit I do but I’m not willing to audit the whole government I think we need to take it case by case and situation by situation,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

Commissioners now will have to approve who gets cards, and commission members will not get them.

And they say the new policy starts immediately. Today Commissioner heard from City auditors who presented their annual report.

When asked they said they found no irregularities and had they did they would have reported them earlier.

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